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CSE eco Hand Dryer

Thanks to its economical yet very powerful motor and the short drying time, the CSE eco Hand Dryer is highly cost-saving. The high speed air flow (540 km/h) and the intelligent placement of the jets make a heating element redundant.

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The air is filtered by 2 separate and very efficient filters: the active carbon filter and the patented enzym HEPA13 filter, thereby guaranteeing the highest possible hygiene and eliminating bad odours.

The water is collected in a container and doesn't make the floor, wall or user wet (and therefore dirty).

The housing is in an easy-to-clean and anti-bacterial plastic for a very easy maintenance and cleaning.




  • touch free activation
  • anti-bacterial surfaces
  • anti-microbial HEPA 13 filtre
  • pearling water is collected in a container (user doesn't come in contact with water)
  • fullfills the HACCP standards




  • relatively silent compared to other hand dryers
  • pleasant aroma (Natural Smell) thanks to filters


  • very short drying time of 8 seconds
  • only 1200 Watt power consumption