How to get distributor for CSE Clean Solution GmbH?
We would appreciate to get in contact with potential distributors. Please call us on our Hotline or send us an E-Mail! We gladly tell you more about achieving a distributorship for CSE!
Can I also buy the products online?
No, you cannot. The only way to buy our products is to contact us or one of our various distributors worldwide!

FAQ - ecobug® Cap

Why is ecobug® cap more hygienic than watersplashed urinals?
Urine usually is odourless, but the bacteria in wet urinals are responsible for the characteristic ammonia odour. The material in the ecobug cap is released slowly so that the components responsible for the formation of urine scale are broken up. Together with our Washroom Cleaner there is a fresh and natural aroma - and the Urinal is more hygienic than before!

How are the costs compared to other waterless urinal systems?

Ecobug® Cap can be used in the urinal without any technical modifications - quite easily - and does not require any alterations or investments. As a consequence you save water from day one.


Ecobug® is odourless - how is that possible without flushing water?
ecobug® contains microorgansims (=good bacteria like the kind found in youghurt or cheese, for example), which break the urine into its components and neutral molecules. The bad bacteria that cause the horrible odour are destroyed.